SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process in which a website is designed for its visibility on the web. This process generally uses optimization of page content. Optimization is the use of keywords, key phrases, and key tags. It also consist of the use of internal and external links, called backlinks. The proper use of these key factors can help your site ranking (the location of your web page on the search engine).

How this works

Research is done to target the specific key words and/or pharses that your target audience are using to locate the information that they desire. Along with these key words and phrases, key tags are used behind the scenes to help your content on your website to be located. With a combination of tags associated with your content and the proper use and location of meta tags, this can help the visibility of your website.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the means of which a combination of SEO and paid advertising on the internet come into play. By paying for advertising spots on the internet you can gain significant traffic to your website through other websites. Some of these efforts are called pay-by-click or cost-per-click. Both of these efforts are the use of paying for an advertising spot and every time someone clicks your link you agree to pay the owner of that sight a fee.

SEO and SEM are not just a one time process if you are looking to have the top ranking. It is a continuous process due to other website owners are fighting for that top ranked position.

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